The St. James

The St. James 2021 Summer Camps with SPARK Business Academy



June 21 - August 16 | Grades 1-8 | $550/week


SPARK Business Academy Camps


SPARK empowers students in grades K-12 with essential financial literacy skills and an entrepreneurial mindset to promote educated financial decisions and future financial independence in a fun and engaging learning environment. SPARK is the financial literacy partner at over 250 public and private schools


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Money Matters

This innovative class on financial literacy lays the foundation for healthy financial habits early in life, empowering students with the mindset to start making sound financial decisions and develop into responsible global citizens. Role-playing and fun activities keep students engaged. Some topics include: currencies of the world, budgeting 101, checks and bank accounts, credit cards and debit cards, and taxes.

Sports Management

For the sports lover, future team General Manager (GM), sports team owner or ESPN analyst, this unique program helps students view the world of sports from a business perspective. Students actively discuss and analyze different topics, including player contracts, mock drafts, college sports, endorsements, the Nike vs. Under Armour competition, the Super Bowl, e-sports and more!

Young Philanthropists

Campers internalize the benefits of doing well and doing good, reviewing a number of charities and discussing the merits of giving back.  Students collaborate in small teams to select a charity or issue they feel passionate about and come up with practical ways they can support that cause (including raising awareness, volunteering and fundraising), then create their own foundation!


Learn how to manage your money in this program promoting essential life skills!  Set your financial goals, develop a budget from scratch, shop for a credit card and calculate the monthly cost of your dream car. Campers also learn about mortgages, FICO scores, taxes and the dangers of piling up debt.  Through simulations and hands-on activities, participants gain confidence to explore financial decisions they will have to make in the future.

Young Diplomats

Campers will develop a global mindset and build international awareness early in life, an important skill in today's increasingly interconnected world. Campers explore cultural differences across countries (including food, clothes, traditions and languages), world currencies, geography games, famous landmarks, current global events, diplomacy and more.


Budding Entrepreneurs

If you like “Shark Tank,” this interactive camp is for you! Join other intrepid campers and learn what it takes to launch your own business. Campers build self-confidence while developing business skills in strategy, marketing and finance. They select a business idea, learn to develop a business plan and make a pitch presentation on the last day. Campers even create a real website and design their own business cards!

Food Truck

Do you have a passion for food and dream of starting your own business? Join My First Food Truck for a creative, hands-on experience where you become a culinary entrepreneur.  Students select a food theme, identify their business location and target customer, design appealing menus, and form a comprehensive business plan covering strategy, marketing, operations and finance, including capital-raising needs.  Activities include drafting mission statements, setting prices, estimating expenses and learning key financial metrics. This program offers a tasty way to develop business savvy!

Bulls & Bears

Learn how you can start investing at a young age in this live and fully interactive online class with SPARK, the financial literacy partner of many of the top schools in the US!  Pick your own $10,000 stock portfolio and trade stocks like Apple, Tesla or Amazon with a cool investing simulation tool.  This innovative experience empowers students with the tools and mindset to face future investment decisions with confidence and buy low, sell high!


How cool would it be for you to be the boss of Apple or Amazon for a day? In this unique online leadership camp, you can! Campers act as CEOs for leading companies and work in groups to make strategic recommendations to address real business issues at popular companies like Apple, Amazon, Coke and Under Armour. Campers enhance their problem-solving skills, develop business savvy and cultivate a strategic mindset as future leaders!

Money Math

Designed for our youngest students, this innovative foundation on financial literacy also serves as a practical math environment where students learn and reinforce computational skills, while developing a mindset for healthy financial habits. From playing money math games to learning about budgeting through engaging activities, students have fun while they enhance their “real life” math skills!


We offer pick up and drop off services for $160/week from Eastern Market Metro, Courthouse Plaza and Potomac Yards Shopping Center.


Lunch is available for Full Day campers at an additional charge of $12 a day. There will be a general menu as well as vegetarian and gluten free options.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

  • Masks will be required for all campers and counselors. There will be an exception for wearing masks when children are participating in vigorous activities that require heavy breathing.
  • There will be a maximum group capacity of 12 campers per 1 counselor. Each group will have the same counselor all week to minimize the number of people they come into contact with.
  • Children will be required to keep a distance of 6 ft when walking the complex, during stretching and group exercises and lunch. There will be limited contact for all sports activity.
  • There are capacity limits for each venue in the complex.
  • All camp staff will be tested for COVID-19 before camp starts.

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Please reach out to or call 703-239-6870 with any questions.